About the Founder

In keeping with the ideology of my brand, I will not share my name. What I will tell you is that I am a person in recovery. Someone who has struggled many years in and out of sobriety and have attended quite a few treatment centers and sober livings myself. This project came about from one idea- I had just left treatment...again... and was anxious about staying sober, terrified of relapsing yet again. I was searching online for the perfect planner where I could record all of the many habits I knew I needed to maintain to stay sober. I was putting sticky notes all over my wall, so overwhelmed trying to remember all the things we're told- daily 10th step, pray, meditate, exercise, eat right, steady sleep routine, call sponsor, go to a meeting, read, do something nice for someone. I couldn't find anything out there. So since I had some free time on my hands and a brief background in graphic design (I was also in and out of a few art schools before I finally finished my degree almost 10 years later), I decided I would design my own. 

That was the birthing of this company. As I worked on it, friends in recovery around me showed interest saying they wanted one too. And so it grew.. and I decided that maybe this planner could help other scatter-brained addicts like myself, trying to navigate the confusing world of sobriety. 

Excitement grew and of course my obsessive nature exploded with ideas in my head about all the things I could create to help people going through the same struggles as me. I stayed up until 4 in the morning every night, chain smoking cigarettes drawing and writing out all my ideas. One project I'm particularly excited about is the rehab care packages. I was always so jealous of the people who's families sent them super cute packages filled with fun gifts. I decided that I would design my own care packages that I wish I would have received so other depressed addicts ruminating over how much their life sucks in rehab can have a little excitement. 

As much as I love to pick up a chip and feel great about my sober accomplishments, I usually lose them and also have never been one to wear anything that announced to the world that I am sober. So I have created some jewelry that would make a perfect gift to a loved one picking up a chip or for yourself as a reminder of what it takes to live life daily in recovery.

If you have read all of this thank you for entertaining my rambles. I am hopeful that my many reckless years of drug and alcohol use combined with my multiple attempts at art school can create some beautiful products to help in your own chaotic story. In all seriousness, sobriety is a wonderful gift and as a recovering depressive atheist who now loves everything spiritual and is generally happy and positive about life, I can tell you that if you put the effort in, life turns out to be worth living. I hope I can help in that journey!